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10:24 p.m.

Hmm...first new diary entry v.v
Well, things have been mucho interesting lately, mostly just school and hanging out with Dotty and stuff. Last night we played Soul Caliber 2 and I totally kicked her arse XD but it was weird because it was the first time I've EVER seen her mad. But t'was okay because I let her win a couple times and allllll was well.

Summer is pretty boring, and I'm spending all my money on frickin' mangas (because I'm a loser ^_^) so I have to work and then work some more to pay off all me debts. Also, I haven't seen Bryan this whole summer, which is actually good, because I hate him. For reals.

Also, I've totally felt like crap the last couple days. Never mind you why. And my knuckle is all gross. *huggles it*

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